Kindred Yoga is 30 weeks of yoga curriculum designed to teach you to move into stillness with proper asana alignment and connection to your body. We will discuss alignment, discipline in practice, yoga theory, and meditation through each 6 week block of classes.

Why Kindred Yoga?

I’m Allison Kindred Cunningham and I will teach you what I have studied for decades. This curriculum is designed to begin with postures you can already achieve, and create time in your daily routine to create your practice. From there, we will grow and progress your practice

How will learning to Move into Stillness Benefit me?

Yoga is a mental, physical, and spiritual discipline created through guided movement, meditation and prayer. The way you practice can and will reveal to you the ways you are evolving. Moving into stillness the term I use for the way your breath and focus cultivate the best posture your body can achieve.

Demonstrating Bow Pose in the Institute for Spirituality and Health at the Yoga Institute.

Bow pose still demonstration

What else should I know?

This course is 5 levels. Each level builds on the previous 6 weeks. So, commitment to your practice is essential to your growth. You will receive paper notes for class, and after class, you will receive a link to a video walking you through that weeks practice. You can use the video, you can use just the cues, or you can ignore it completely. It is entirely up to you. But you must practice. The breath work and the movement is the connection to your mind and spirit, and you will only find it through consistency.

Please join me to learn how to move into stillness. Because a still body, a consciously still mind, can lead to a calm heart. Check the Group Class Block Details page for more information.

Kindred Yoga is a resident of 7 Stones Yoga Studio in Magnolia TX. This studio offers amazing classes and a group of well established teachers, full of love and knowledge. Keep an Eye on the Foundations 1 enrollment page for opportunities to begin your journey of moving into stillness. 7 Stones Yoga Studio will provide a class pass discount to anyone currently enrolled in Kindred Yoga.

Practicing in the Ardest Gallery
Crescent lunge in front of an early spring installment at the Ardest Gallery.