Class Block Details

5 blocks of 6 week sessions. Each level builds on the previous 6 week block.

Classes are taught similarly to a college course. You will receive printed notes at every class you attend. I recommend keeping a notebook to track your own progress. Yoga Notes & Meditation Journal is designed to work with this curriculum.

Foundations 1

The next 6 week session will begin Monday March 11th at 6:45pm.

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A strong foundation is necessary for a successful practice! This course is the vital beginning. Here, I will teach you the proper breath work for your practice, and how to feel comfortable in discomfort of correcting mobility limitations. We will meet for 75 minutes once a week. You will receive instruction on focused postures for that week and notes for your home practice. This allows you to create space within your life as well as properly develop your skills without injury.

Foundations II

New 6 week course will begin Monday, March 24th at 8pm.

If you have completed Foundations 1, this is your next step!

This course will build quickly on the work you did during the foundations class. We will go deeper into how the postures progress and how to adapt for your body. Meditation also becomes a bigger part of your daily practice so you can learn how to “calm the monkey mind” and create awareness. The goal is to cultivate peace through discipline. You will receive the same focused attention, guidance and notes for your home practice.


If you have completed all 12 weeks of Foundations, you are ready for this course.

This class is when your home practice will really take shape just for You. It is 6 weeks of curriculum that will be taught once a week for 75 minutes. You will continue to learn new asanas and that the previous 12 weeks of practice has prepared your body to successfully achieve. We will progress your breath work and add some more meditations to your personal medicine bag. 

Intermediate II

When you enter this course, you have been practicing for 18 weeks. Our weekly studies have guided your home practice and you should feel confident to challenge yourself. This course is 6 weeks and will continue to build mobility. The beautiful cycle of practicing more makes practicing easier. This class meets for 75 minutes. Once enrolled, you may attend as many classes in the previous levels as you like. 


This class ties together all of your asana practice, pranayama and meditation into a full body hatha yoga practice. This course will guide you through challenging your home practice and build a more athletic and challenging practice at home. Either to keep you strong, flexible and in a peaceful mental state, or to compliment other athletic disciplines in your life. I will also guide you through regaining your practice if you have fallen out of the habit. This class is 6 weeks and meets once a week for an hour and fifteen minutes. Upon Completion of this class, you will recieve an unlimited month long membership to 7 Stones Yoga Studio. You can try all kinds of yoga classes and styles

Foundations 1 Intensives

This course will be added throughout the year as interest encourages it.

We will work through the entire 6 week curriculum of the first half of the Foundations course in 2 weeks. We will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for classes. I will teach postures, work with you on your alignment, and send you home with notes for you to practice on your own.