Recipes for Real life

Real life gets messy and short on time. Key ingredients go missing or go bad before anticipated. Planning for simplicity and adapting to complications is the only thing I know will happen, for sure, throughout the week. Some days, time disappears. Thats life. We need a pile of recipes to keep up. Recipes for real life.

I spent a portion of my life in professional kitchens. Which means I basically learned how to cook in an environment where time is money and equipment must be multi-useful and durable. I have a degree in hospitality management, and began working in food production when I was 14. My career focused on things I love- People and Food. I was a wildly mediocre chef, and I honestly didn’t have the drive to be better. But I learned a lot. Some of this stuff will require special small appliances like a blender or a juicer, but they’re all recipes I rotate for my family regularly.

Food should fuel your body well, and still be exciting, Food is culture, connection to people, and connection to the earth. These are recipes I use to get picky kids and health obsessed parents to eat meals together with as little drama as possible. These are easily adapted to suit your preferences and most are portioned for leftovers. Fun Fact – I love leftovers. These are recipes for real life, and real life requires leftovers.

Green Juice

Green Juice

Recipe by Allison at Kindred YogaCuisine: JuiceDifficulty: Easy




Total time




  • 1 heads of Romain Lettuce

  • 1 bunches of Kale

  • 1 bunch Parsley and/or cilantro

  • 1 head Celery

  • 1 bulb Fennell

  • 2 Cucumbers

  • 2 whole Lemons


  • Clean all of the ingredients well.
  • Chop all of the vegetables and peel and deseed the citrus.
  • Put all of the ingredients through the juicer starting at the top of the ingredients list.


  • I use a Nama J2 juicer because it is basically hands free and a cold press juicer.
  • The time this recipe takes depends entirely on how you clean your produce. I clean everything in the salad spinner even if it’s “Washed and Ready” produce.
  • This is a great juice to make ahead of time. Store it in an air tight, glass container in the fridge for up to 24 hours to maintain nutrients.

I love this recipe when I feel sluggish. If my body (or mind!) feel stuck and I need to increase movement. For me, this recipe can replace a meal for a week and I will feel So Much better. It’s not about weight loss or “cleansing”, but about hydrating with nutrient dense juice.