My Life in Yoga

How did I get here and why study with me?

I began studying Hatha Yoga and Pranayama well over 20 years ago. Stillness was nearly unachievable in my post-high school, early college life. My first class was at the Health and Vitality Institute in NW Houston with Hanif Akima. I wanted to learn everything I could as a young adult in the era of flip phones and printed driving directions. So that took commitment on my own time. I tried different class styles and trends, but always came back to mindful meditation and asana practice. To move into stillness everyday taught me more about myself than I expected. Over the past 20 years I have lived a very full life. The constant through it all was my faith and my yoga practice. Although, it looked very different over various life phases. I always found myself returning to the principles laid out in Foundations 1 to find peace…. Your time is a gift and I will always respect that you choose to spend it learning from me. It is truly my honor to share your limited time on this earth and help you learn how to move into stillness. Maybe you can find the peace that already exists inside of you.

Tree Pose on a Tree Stump.
Any person can learn about themselves by cultivating mental, physical and spiritual practice because it calms the constant noise around us.

Yoga has always been a gift to me, and I need to share it with others.

My teachers include Lex Gillan and Farida Meguid at The Yoga Institute in the Institute for Spirituality and Health in the Texas Medical Center. I am currently challenging myself to learn a new lineage. I am honored to learn from Rachel Nystrom and the accomplished teachers at Ashtanga Yoga Houston. Additionally, the amazing people at Wild Spirit Yoga have poured into my practice.

I will continue to seek opportunities to learn from the great people the Lord has put in my path, including my students.
Be Still and Know Ps 46.10

“Our Rational Minds can Never Understand what has happened, But Our Hearts, if we keep them Open to God, will Find their own Intuitive Way.”

-Ram Dass