Year in Review…

Ohhhhhh, 2023. I had plans. Then I worked the plans and I tried really hard. My connection to my wellness and I was very good and I was setting a great example for my children. My days were spent prepping and studying and practicing. I made moves and connections. I was consistent for a while and then I took time to reflect. The first quarter felt pretty good. The second quarter felt like I was rolling along. By the third quarter, I was revisiting the posture I know so well…. Kneeling down, nose in the carpet, praying for understanding.. for strength… for direction.

I was ready to thrive this year, instead of survive. Then our sweet middle child was diagnosed with generalized epilepsy and we could not gain solid control over the seizures he was having. We had little to no understanding of why/ how/ what to do kind of stuff. Epilepsy is something you can get more comfortable with, but it never gets easier. To a bystander, it’s shocking. For the person experiencing the seizure, it’s confusing and scary. As a parent, its overwhelming helplessness and questions. We have the very best doctors and research scientists around us and the facts just don’t change. There are so many moments of “lets see how this works out and well go from there”.

If you don’t know what it’s like to be close to someone with a seizure disorder, the closest analogy I’ve come across is that it’s similar to “living with a live grenade”. Even if you know the causes of the seizures, it’s never an intentional state to get to. You put the guardrails up and medicate or monitor appropriately. But everything changes every time he had an event. Each event was different. This will be a very long road but we are learning.

I designed this to be a yoga focused internet presence. Since wellness is the purpose, my personal experience is my only angle. We all have to choose our own wellness. We have to take a look at our life and decided with confidence: what is it that I need to be well? How can I teach my family to make the best choices towards their own wellness? As of August 17,2023 that changed for my family. So I have decided to document some of the life as we know it moments here. Yoga is my choice of movement, and connection into my own well being. I will continue to share as much as I know and continue to learn in the yoga world. But there will be things here that are not apart of the yoga community because of my family’s needs for wellness. And that is ok.

What I know about wellness in this moment is that I can only control myself. I have to protect my time and my peace. I love coffee, but I also become a frazzled ball of anxiety. So I opt for tea throughout the day. Thats been a huge change! I use Ancient Healing Teas for their purity and consistency. They also offer sea moss in very accessible gels, which I Love! As for my tinier humans, their diet has been the focus to all of the change! We have noticed that food dye or color additive DOES NOT go with anti seizure medication. We became a member of Thrive Market and I am now getting weekly orders delivered within days of ordering online. The Christmas order was heavy on candy canes made with vegetable coloring instead of red 40. It’s a baby step, but still a win.

Maybe hidden messages will help?
Naps? Please?

Onward together. On to 2024. Please be Gentile.

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