Moving into Stillness

Developing your own practice, in your own way, on your own time. You will find safety in learning to listen to your own body while I guide you through Moving into Stillness.

All new students will begin with the Foundations 1 course and the courses build from there.It is my honor to share my knowledge with you and teach you a skill that can last a lifetime.

Self Guided Study

5 Levels of courses. Each course has 5 classes.

I break down each individual asana, or posture, and teach them one at a time. Then I will take each posture and put them together to create your daily practice flow for that week.

Each week will build into the following weeks postures. Daily commitment to this practice is what creates progress in your mobility.

Breath and Basics

Start here.

This is a single class that will walk you through conscious focus on your breath and intentional movement.

Practicing your breath can be done on its own or added to any of the courses you might be working through. I recommend you start your day and your practice with this quick, concise class.